ALL 24/7 Parking Passes have been purchased. 7/20/2023

Please allow 3 days for Credit Card to process before Picking up Permit Tag.

24/7 spots will be $600 (We only have a few remaining, please call the office to reserve the 24/7 spots.  Not available on-line)  and the daily OSLC spots are going to be $400 (still available on-line)

There are no REFUNDS!!!!!

       PLM-OSLC PARKING PERMIT – Permits you to park Monday through Friday from 5 am until 6 pm*.  We have 41 parking spaces and we sell 41 permits, which means you always have a place to park.  No Hunting!  At any given time, there are plenty of places to choose from. There are no specifically reserved spots. The address for the parking lot is 300 W Fowler Avenue.  Permits run June 1-May 31 of the given year.  We do not accept international Credit Cards

Payment Link

Cost is $400 for the OSLC church lot

*If you have evening classes/tests, you’re usually welcome to keep your car in the lot – just not overnight.

Permits will be available for pick-up at the PLM office after payment has been received.   IF you have paid via a Credit Card, please allow 3 days for processing prior to picking up your permit. A valid permit hang tag is required to be visible in the appropriately registered vehicle to prevent towing. 

IF the lot may need to be closed, we will email a warning. On those days, you will have to find alternative parking. This has only happened a couple of times in 5+ years…but there’s no guarantee it won’t happen in the coming year.

 2023-24 parking permits for the OSLC parking lot are $400 and may be purchased  online with the link above.  credit cards accepted.  (Please note we cannot accept international credit cards).  Please allow 3 days processing before picking up your permit at the office.

24/7 parking permits:

 PLM has  24/7 spots  behind the PLM building and has added 9 24/7 spots in the OSLC Parking lot.  Permits for these limited spots are $600 for 12 months.  These spots may also be purchased via the link above.

PLM-OSLC Parking Lot Agreement-copy and paste into new tab to view.

By purchasing  a parking permit and placing the hang tag in your vehicle, you agree to be bound by the terms set forth in the agreement.